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Lottery 6/49 & Lottery Plus What is Lottery

Lottery is â € ~n gambling where the player six (6) must choose numbers from â € ~n field of 49 numbers. If these six (6) numbers matching the numbers drawn in the Lottery draw, the player wins the prize in the first category.

What is Lottery Plus?

Lottery Plus â € ~n expansion of the Lottery online game in which choices are made â € ~n Lottery draw in â € ~n additional corresponding Lottery Plus draw bet. In other words, it geea € ~n second chance to win the Lottery game against â € ~n additional cost. Lottery Plus can also be when Lottery play games, and Game Boards entered for Lottery Plus must be the same as the game boards played in the Lottery.

How Lottery to play
  • Each Lottery-game meal R3,50, including VAT.
  • Except in the case of â € ~n entry by subscription, â € ~n valid ticket to be the only valid basis for claiming â € ~n price.
  • â € ~n player may at any one Lottery-Entry â € ~n minimum of one pelbord play.
  • â € ~n player should hand in black or blue pen or pencil six (6) numbers from the numbers 1 to 49 on each of one or more game boards.
  • If the player uses the multi-draw facility, he / she will his / her choice (s) on the relevant lines on the Lottery-Entry mark the appropriate box on the Lottery-Entry mark to indicate the number Lottery draws for his / her choice must be entered (s).
  • For the purposes of selecting the â € œGetal trekkingsâ € ?? for multi draw should â € ~n player â € œGetal trekkingsâ € ?? - boxes on the Lottery-Entry mark. The period begins on the first Saturday or Wednesday following the date chosen by the multi draw covered that â € ~n player made his / her choice     has. This period ends when the number of Draws selected and â € ~n ticket indicated, is made.
  • The cost of â € ~n multi draw ticket will be the total cost of the Game Boards selected multiplied with the number of draws the player has chosen to propose to write.
  • the completed Lottery-Entry with the appropriate amount due must be voorgelê to the retailer, who completed Lottery-Entry through the terminal will process. â € ~n Ticket â € a record of each selection marked on the coupon will be issued to the player.
  • The retailer will â € ~n Lottery-Entry processed through the terminal, and tickets will only be issued by the terminal.
  • If the terminal rejects the Lottery-Coupon, the entry not valid.